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The PMA understands the training needs in general practice and the wider health & social care settings and has now supported the development of NHS staff for over a decade.

We have successfully engaged thousands of your colleagues to refresh and to bridge gaps in their skills and knowledge through the creation and delivery of a comprehensive selection of workshops.

The PMA now has over 120 workshops – but what makes us unique is that our programmes are never a ‘one model fits all’. PMAs workshops can be adapted to meet any specific locality requirements – so please get in touch if you have a specific training need or requirement that is not listed as we would be happy to create something bespoke for you. Equally we are experienced in creating wide-ranging learning programmes.

The web workshops provide practice staff with access to virtual training, which can be delivered in a convenient time window to meet your specific needs. These workshops can also be delivered face to face, if required.

If you want more information on the PMA web workshops or are interested in PMA developing a bespoke programme, please get in touch.

Quick Links to all Workshops


NHS Pensions Update

NHS Pensions are explained in a user-friendly, interactive way. This web workshop will provide practical guidance to enable participants to map outcomes onto their own practice – across their GPs, GP Partners, Locums and other clinical and non-clinical staff. 


Introduction to Menopause in the Workplace

Delegates will explore the changing face of the workplace, key facts, and symptoms of menopause, develop skills to manage sensitive conversations and how best to support yourself and colleagues to maintain wellbeing and productivity.


Managing Menopause in the Workplace

By increasing awareness, developing positive cultural engagement, and understanding the hazards of doing nothing, organisations in general practice will be able to reduce their risk, protect their reputation, and support all staff affected by menopause, whether directly or indirectly.


Zero Tolerance for Primary Care frontline staff

This face to face workshop has been developed to support front line staff and other health care professionals in General Practice to develop their skills and confidence to better manage disputes, help manage challenging conflict situations and understand zero tolerance.


Capturing Medical Data: Summarising past Medical Records

Managing “degraded data” and extracting data from paper records is a recognised and acceptable inheritance, by the receiving practice, however, it can be problematic and resource-heavy. This training will focus on safely managing ‘degraded’ virtual information and reviewing and extracting significant and minor past medical and social histories from paper records.


Sustainability in Primary Care

The session will help you to understand why sustainability matters, then help you to ‘green’ your practice using case studies from primary care and offering tips and tricks for implementing sustainability improvements.

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