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Community Health & Wellbeing Worker | Incorporating the Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard

The Community Health and Wellbeing Worker Apprenticeship is aligned to Personalised Care, Social Prescribing Link Worker, Care Coordinator and Health and Wellbeing Coach. Community health and wellbeing workers are found in different organisations and commissioned by a range of agencies. Over a 12-month period, the focus will be on working in partnership with individuals and their communities to identify and address health and wellbeing needs, improve health, prevent ill-health and reduce inequalities.


PMA Digital and Transformation Lead Apprenticeship | Incorporating the Level 4 Business Analyst Apprenticeship Standard

NHS England has introduced a digital and transformation lead in the ARRS. The PMA Digital and Transformation Lead Apprenticeship has been contextualised to focus on supporting the sustainability of primary care services. You will help the PCN adopt new technology and other initiatives to improve access to care and enable PCN staff to work more effectively. This should result in improved patient access, quality and continuity of care, staff and patient satisfaction, and the efficiency and sustainability of general practice services.


Business Administration – Cancer Care Contextualised | Incorporating the Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard

HEE are working with PMA to nationally deliver a bespoke Business Administration apprenticeship that is contextualised to the Patient Tracking List (PTL) /Cancer Care Navigator workforce. It is recognised that these roles are unique in the administrative workforce and therefore require bespoke training. As such, PMA has created a bespoke Business Administration apprenticeship that develops the PTL workforce in a more contextualised way compared to the standard offer.


PMA Evolved Leader – Incorporating the Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard

Are you established in your Primary Care Leadership Role looking to develop advanced Skills? This apprenticeship is designed for those already working in an established management role but would benefit from developing a wider range of management skills . It is set at a standard suitable for those who are managing teams or projects and are responsible for achieving operational or departmental goals as part of their organisations strategy.


PMA Senior Leader – Incorporating the Senior Leader Level 7 Apprenticeship Standard

Are you looking to enhance your career and managing at scale? This apprenticeship is designed for a leader who has senior management responsibility. Senior Leaders are key where there is a workforce to lead, manage and support. The broad purpose of this role is to provide clear, inclusive and strategic leadership and direction which contribute to the execution and achievement of the strategic objectives set by the organisation.


PMA Primary Care Administrator– Incorporating Business Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard and City & Guilds Level 3 in Business Administration

Are you supporting a range of clerical tasks within your role and looking to enhance your skill base? This apprenticeship is designed to enhance and develop a highly transferable skill set built around core elements of Business Admin: Communication, Organisation, IT Skills, Decision making and more. Business administrators develop key skills and behaviours to support their own progression towards management responsibilities.


PMA Senior Healthcare Support Worker Level 3

Are you working in Primary Care registering practitioners deliver healthcare services to people and support your colleagues through mentoring and coaching in a healthcare setting? This apprenticeship will enable you, as an experienced support worker, to carry out a range of clinical and non-clinical healthcare or therapeutic tasks, under the direct or indirect supervision of the registered healthcare practitioner. You will provide high quality, compassionate healthcare, following standards, policies or protocols and always acting within the limits of your competence. Your team leading skills will be developed through this apprenticeship


PMA Healthcare Support Worker – Incorporating the Healthcare Support Worker Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard

As models of care within the NHS evolve to provide a multi-disciplinary, flexible workforce and healthcare and social care are increasingly integrated, the role of the Healthcare Support Worker (HCSW) has become increasingly highlighted. In addition, a range of national drivers has resulted in an increase in the number of HCSWs employed in healthcare. Until recently, this role has not been clearly defined or regulated. Based upon Healthcare Support Worker Level 2 Apprenticeship Standard, this focuses on the core practical skills and underpinning knowledge and theory to gain competence, under clinical supervision, to be a healthcare practitioner in a GP Practice.


PMA Dental Practice Manager – Incorporating the Dental Practice Manager Level 4 Apprenticeship Standard & ILM Level 4 certificate

This certificate is designed to develop an individual for the role of Dental Practice Manager who is responsible for all non-clinical aspects within a practice to achieve excellent patient care, quality, cost and delivery performance in line with practice strategy, goals and values by providing support and direction to all practice staff.


PMA Adult Care Worker Level 2

Providing frontline care for vulnerable adults within their own homes, daycare centres, residential and nursing homes and other healthcare. To work in care is to make a positive difference to someone’s life when they are faced with physical, practical, social, emotional or intellectual challenges.


PMA Lead Adult Care Worker Level 3

Lead Adult Care Workers are the frontline staff who help adults with care and support needs to achieve their personal goals and live as independently and safely as possible, enabling them to have control and choice in their lives.


PMA Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Level 4

The Lead Practitioner in Adult Care will guide and inspire team members to make positive differences in someone’s life when they are faced with physical, practical, social, emotional, psychological or intellectual challenges. They will have achieved a level of self-development to be recognised as a lead practitioner within the care team, contributing to, promoting and sustaining a values-based culture at an operational level.


PMA Leader in Adult Care Level 5

The Lead Practitioner in Adult Care will guide and inspire team members to make positive differences in someone’s life when they are faced with physical, practical, social, emotional, psychological or intellectual challenges. They will have achieved a level of self-development to be recognised as a lead practitioner within the care team, contributing to, promoting and sustaining a values-based culture at an operational level.

“When I first started my apprenticeship I was new to management and had little experience in running a successful team. The course allowed me to learn all about the key areas of management, communication, conflict management and organisational strategy to name a few.”

“While completing my apprenticeship the COVID pandemic hit and I had to take what I had learnt and implement it quickly to help guide my team through most of last year. My Practice has recognised the developments that I have made and I have also been promoted to Assistant Practice Manager. I can honestly say that without this course I would not be where I am today. It has given me the opportunity to learn and to grow as both an individual and as a leader.”

Emma passed with Distinction

“I have been promoted to Admin Team Leader now and feel that I have learned new skills, through the Diploma, which helped me in getting the promotion and also helps in my new role. These included budgeting, emotional intelligence and being able to see things from an operational point of view.”

Amanda passed with Distinction

“Being a junior manager, the apprenticeship has taught me a lot about leadership and management that I didn’t know before and can use in my role. It has made me more aware of my leadership skills and how best to coach someone which was new to me at the start of this course. I’m sure there is lots that I have learned from it and do every day unconsciously. Developing my role as a manager whilst doing this apprenticeship has been great – It was the perfect time in my career to do this course. I think I am better at problem-solving and prioritising tasks than I was before which is important as a manager.”

Chloe gained a Merit

“I just wanted to send this email to thank you for showing me all these new ways of learning it is really helping me to complete my units. And thank you so much for being there for me and reassuring me that I’m doing a good job.”

“I think that the course has gone really well, I have learned a lot about myself and gained good tools and techniques to be able to further develop my career.”

Feedback sent to one of our tutors from a learner

“I have gained a promotion whilst halfway through the course, I have massively improved the way I interact with my colleagues and patients and generally feel more positive about the impact I am having on others.”

“I like that I was able to work at my own pace, I was able to plan my tasks around my working day/week. I like that PMA offers really good help and support, through tutors and safeguarding, for its learners, that really makes you feel like a valued learner.”

Hannah C, PMA Learner

“I enjoyed all of the course. I think my favourite section was definitely project management, however, I did also enjoy the sections surrounding businesses fundamentals and the value of skills as these allowed me to do further research within my organisation and become more familiar with the business I work in. I thought that the safeguarding part of the course was also really valuable as I was made aware of schemes such as PREVENT etc. that I had never come across before, but are very important for me to be familiar with.”

Jess V, PMA Learner

“The tutors that I have encountered during my apprenticeship have been amazing. They have been supportive and encouraging, these include Gill Phillips and Sadie. They have given me to confidence to believe in myself and not to give up.”

Lucy Hepworth, PMA Learner
apprentice interview

PMA Apprenticeship Recruitment Service

The PMA is pleased to support you with an Apprenticeship Recruitment Service established to facilitate the introduction of new apprentice team members into General and Dental Practice and Care Homes. Providing new people with the chance to embark on a fulfilling, challenging and rewarding career path whilst giving you the opportunity to develop them to support your practice. Recruiting and developing an apprentice is a win-win for you both with the additional benefit of a financial incentive for your practice.

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