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Kickstart Scheme changes the life of young man with cerebral palsy who thought he was ‘unemployable’

April 11th, 2022|Categories: PMA Blog|

As the Kickstart Scheme finishes, PMA has been reflecting on one of its biggest success stories that has been life-changing for one young Kickstarter. Matthew Cornish, 27, has cerebral palsy. After many disappointments, he was beginning to think he would never get a job – or even an interview – when he managed to secure a role via the Kickstart Scheme at West Pottergate Surgery in Norwich in August last year. “For many years I felt I was unemployable, having been continually rejected for jobs ever since leaving school,” said Matthew. “So it was very refreshing to find an [...]

I found my dream job… through the Kickstart Scheme

September 16th, 2021|Categories: PMA Blog|

Just 3 months ago, I was yet another university graduate spat out into society and unable to find a job.  Living off Universal Credit, applying for everything relevant that popped up on Indeed, subscribing to hundreds of company websites and eagerly awaiting a job opening, yet finding no luck at all.  Luckily, my UC work coach told me about a government scheme called 'Kickstart'. I’d not heard of it before, never seen it advertised, and had no idea what it would entail.  Through Kickstart, however, I found my current job as an employee at PMA — the Practice [...]

Time for change

March 18th, 2021|Categories: PMA Blog|

Whilst those who know me well would probably describe me as somewhat opinionated it is rare that I feel so animated, angry, desperately saddened and motivated to the point that I feel compelled to put my thoughts into writing, this however is such a time. Having watched and listened along with the majority of Britons and many others around the world to the tragic events unfolding before our eyes concerning Sarah Everard surely we must all finally confront and effectually challenge male violence, misogyny and the environment we have allowed to continue and ferment in which these atrocities [...]

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