PMA Consultancy

Working across the Primary Care landscape, the PMA provides continuous support to NHS England, NHS Digital, NHSx, HEE, RCGP and has worked with LMCs, CCGs and GP practices across the UK to create and deliver bespoke support services.

The PMA supports PCNs in establishing their leadership frameworks, their operational structures, business needs and their patient priorities.

PMA PCN Leadership Programmes

The PCNs will allow for the retention of the very best of how general practice and primary care currently operates; retaining and building on the national GMS contract and the partnership models in place while finding improved ways to deliver care that offer tangible benefits and improvements to patients, clinicians and others in the primary care team. Individual practices joining the PCNs will retain their GMS or PMS contract, with the PCN building on it and understanding that many practices have already been working collaboratively, sometimes as part of informal networks.

The overriding drivers – to bring care closer to the community and connect the local primary care teams.

The PCNs will bring new benefits to patients and the public, enabling them to access:

  • Resilient high-quality care from local clinicians and other health & care practitioners, with more services provided out of hospital and closer to home.
  • A more comprehensive and integrated set of services, that anticipate rising demand and support higher levels of self-care.
  • Appropriate referrals and more ‘one-stop-shop’ services where all of their needs can be met at the same time.
  • Different care models for different population groups.
  • People-centered services rather than services centered on diseases or ailments.

How the PMA can help

We offer bespoke support and a menu of workshops and other development programmes that can be adapted to meet your specific needs. All sessions are delivered by experienced facilitators, with dedicated subject expertise and general practice insight.

We can conduct a strategic evaluation to help you establish your immediate tactical challenges and where you feel you need the greatest support – and the PMA will create a bespoke programme or work pack to help you achieve your objectives. Feedback from our delivery always reflects the personalisation of our delivery model.

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Our services include: 

  • Bespoke PCN Masterclasses 
  • Practice Managers Leadership Development Programme 
  • Clinical Directors Leadership Development Programme 
  • How to Project Manage your Primary Care Network 
  • Practice Finance, Maximising Income and Compliance 
  • Practice Diagnostics and Turnaround 
  • Interim Management 
  • Clinical Modelling 
  • New Care Models 
  • Working at Scale 
  • Interim Management 
  • Business Process Re-engineering 
  • Change Management 
  • Managing Teams 
  • Building Resilience 
  • Coaching & Mentoring 
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Practice Manager Leadership Development Programme 

Developed by experienced Primary Care Business Managers, this action learning programme, delivered over a period of 6, 9 or 12 months to develop the leadership, resilience and sustainability of Practice Managers in the context of PCNs. This can be run as an area-based cohort of 6 or more sessions. Sessions include:  

  • Change management 
  • Leadership styles 
  • Influencing skills 
  • Facilitation skills 
  • Coaching skills 
  • Network Development 
  • Legal Aspects 
  • Operational Management 
  • Finance and Business Planning
  • What about patients? 
  • Human resources, managing effective teams and appraisals 
  • Human factors, emotional intelligence and culture and can be tailored towards specific needs. 

Clinical Director Leadership Development Programme 

A minimum of six half-day face to face sessions delivered via an action learning programme, for a cohort of Clinical Directors to work together from a menu of topics which include: 

  • Strategy Fundamentals and mapping “the system” landscape
  • Leadership styles and how to work with others 
  • Implementing Change and Working to Scale
  • Company legal structures and governance in the context of PCNs  
  • Company finance and how this applies to PCNs
  • Building effective networks
  • HR law and industrial relations
  • Implementing Quality Improvement 
  • Contracting new models of care 
  • Project management 
  • Organisational culture 
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Business Planning
  • Population Health

PCN Masterclasses

The masterclasses are all designed and delivered by subject experts with experience in Primary Care. Each session will typically be 2 hours and include a workbook or slide deck and other supporting materials. Within the masterclass sessions, interaction and discussion are always encouraged. Action planning and feedback will be built into the sessions, to enable delegates to take away a personalised journey.

How to Project Manage your PCN 

NHS England feels more comfortable with a confident, inclusive approach to PCN delivery. We show you how you can apply project management principles that provide transparency and comfort to the team, NHSE and ultimately your patients. 

  • What do we need to do? 
  • When do we need to do it? 
  • How do we monitor/record what we do? 
  • How do we keep everyone on board? 

Practice Diagnostics and Turnaround 

General practice is often too busy doing the day job to create the capacity to step back and look at the bigger picture and where it needs to be aiming for. This can result in partnerships feeling a bit rudderless, or just lacking in objectivity in order to prioritise. We can help hold a mirror up to your practice, to help you identify what you need/want to do, and determine how to do it, in what timescale.  

We can also help move this forward with a plan on how to get there and facilitate its delivery if you so wish. 

Health and Safety Combined Package 

This is a one-stop-shop for all your health & safety compliance needs, including the production of your health and safety policy, pregnancy risk assessments, fire safety and CPR training. We have CCGs who are buying into this for all of their practices, and individual surgeries who just get the specific parts of it that they need. 

 Interim Management 

Recent surveys and press reports allege that almost 50% of Practice Managers will leave their jobs other than due to retirement in the next few years. If you’re a Partner in this position the last thing you want to do is to start trying to run the practice. We have a bank of extremely experienced practice managers/partners who can help by advice, support or interim management. give us a call and we can help in a range of ways that suit your needs.  

Coaching/ Mentoring 

Many Practice Managers are coming into the role from outside the healthcare sector, or perhaps outside of general practice. We all know it has its quirks – we can support via our Introduction to Practice Management workshop, or more intensively via mentoring new staff in the role who need the support of someone who’s “been there, got the t-shirt”. 

We also have several excellent coaches who can provide support face to face or electronically.  Let us know your needs and we can offer some options for you to consider. 

If you would like to know more, please contact the PMA Team at or phone 0330 111 6459 and we will be happy to speak to you in more detail about how the PMA Consultancy can benefit you.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Each session was well presented and full of useful information. Most notably Practice Managers who had been in the industry a long time felt these sessions highlighted a number of issues and gave lots of ideas and information to help with the day to day running of the practice. Also appreciated was the opportunity to network and gain insight and learning throughout this.”

“Just wanted to say what a truly fantastic job the PMA are doing. It’s so brilliant to be finally recognised for the professionals we are and to find such genuine interest in our role and future. Every session has been valuable – both in providing new information and ideas, but also helping me realise how much we are actually doing right already.”

“Those leading the courses had a high level of expertise in their subject matter which meant that they were able to deal with queries as well as deliver the core agenda, and the courses were very well tailored to the audience, so they were extremely relevant.”

“PMA’s model of recruiting experts in different fields to deliver focused training within the PMA framework is one that has been met with much approval amongst practice managers in the London Borough of Lewisham. Lewisham CEPN will be escalating the evaluation summary to HEE, with our recommendation that they consider commissioning at scale.”

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