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PMA Consultancy services include:

  • Business and operational evaluation, planning and delivery

  • Working at scale and integration planning

  • Recruitment and retention strategies

  • Finance, income and compliance

  • Implementing quality improvement

  • Practice turnaround and diagnostics

  • Interim management

  • Coaching & mentoring

We have proven results and excellent client feedback. Please see below for some case study examples of successful projects to date.

Case Studies

North West


The practice was well led clinically, financially strong and all systems in place. The non-human aspects of the practice worked very effectively.

Biggest areas of concern and development:

  • Practice leadership and culture
  • Staff retention and recruitment
  • Lack of support & staff development
  • Need to develop the management skills of the existing team.

The practices partners were keen to develop all staff into a resilient, focused team to meet the challenge of the current NHS landscape.


PMA consultants attended the practice to conduct an intensive review to observe and analyse the operations at the practice to establish if they are aligned to the current NHS landscape and complete a full report of their findings.

With a full report and action plan agreed, a comprehensive programme of training, workshops, coaching, mentoring, recruitment and retention support was provided over a 6-month period.


Still in progress.

West Midlands


The PMA was invited by the CCG to work with a practice in the West Midlands to identify endemic problems and challenges and suggest solutions, as well as review roles within the administration team across the practice and the two satellite practices within the group.

Key areas of concern:

  • Workflows and practice administration
  • Recruitment: struggling to retain recently employed staff (mainly receptionists).
  • Access and appointments: high numbers of inappropriate A&E attendances
  • DNAs: not sure of numbers as not regularly audited. MJOG in place. Language barriers with patients.
  • Practice management development
  • Patient Reference Group


After the initial assessment, a detailed schedule of work was agreed. PMA consultants were to work with the health centre to restructure the practice management function, to support development of organisation and practice management resources. All support and process improvements to be cascaded across the group.


  • Over the 6-month programme, significant progress was made in understanding the workflows, administration and processing of patient records across all sites.
  • New roles were designed around reception with administrative responsibilities.
  • Five new frontline staff were engaged. A thorough induction and training programme is now in place.
  • A new telephone system was put in place:
    • Training provided to all frontline staff
    • 30% of patients present in practice
    • 75% of all calls now finish with effective triage
    • ACCuRX is now widely used
  • DNAs have dropped significantly.
  • The programme of work resulted in an efficient, accountable practice management structure. Performance reporting improved.
  • The Patient Reference Group has been transitioned into a Patient Engagement Group.

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