This module focuses on ‘Peer to Peer Appraisals’ – and will develop the skills to lead them and the skills and knowledge to interpret the outcomes of the appraisal process. The web workshop will develop the core skills of questioning using powerful questions to support people in achieving their best outcomes. Delegates will gain an understanding of the skills, principles and practice of effective management of peer to peer support.

Establishing your place in your leadership development journey is all about helping people get aligned behind their organisation’s direction of travel, to build the skills and confidence required to deliver organisational success within the reassuring arms of a collaborative culture.

The peer to peer appraisals workshop will enable delegates to understand – for themselves and their staff – where they are starting from on their personal leadership journeys. They will process and deliver the feedback sessions to people, helping them create personal action plans that they can take into their further development and learning. The process is a continual journey and we will ensure delegates understand the need to support progress, how to evaluate progress and how to ensure they manage continual development.

Continual development, setting goals and gathering peer support are essential to a successful Personal Development Plan (PDP). The workshop will also explore the role of the PDP and how this will guide all staff in their career, whatever grade they are at. PDPs help all staff to become more self-aware, enabling them to understand how to improve performance and develop new skills. All staff can engage in this process.

The workshop will really enable our facilitators to share the knowledge and insight of the complexities of 360 appraisals… and how to interpret the outcomes.

At the PMA we pride ourselves on the understanding that one size doesn’t fit all and – therefore, we have various formats of our workshops and can adapt any programme / agenda to suit your local needs and necessaries – so, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Who should attend?

Don’t miss opportunity to work with leading specialists in a series of full day workshops specifically focused on the ‘business’ aspects of General Practice.

  • Any staff

Learning Outcomes

We will focus on understanding the principles of the 360 approach – how to use it, how to develop a set of questions built around core values, behaviours and competencies, and how to enhance this with the addition of any other specific questions based on known strengths/areas of perceived weakness or areas of concern for the process.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the purpose of peer to peer appraisals within an organisational context
  • Understanding the skills, behaviours, attitudes, beliefs and values of peer to peer appraisals
  • Understanding the principles of effective peer to peer appraisals in practice and how to evaluate benefit
  • Understanding how to interpret the outcomes from peer to peer appraisals
  • Understanding the value of gathering peer support are essential to a successful Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Post event we will create a summary report of the workshop – this will further enable the sharing of the ideas of principles and the procedure and outputs of the Peer to Peer Appraisals and the PDP Cycle.

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Welcome and Introduction to the workshop

  • Setting the scene
  • Programme overview
  • Objectives
What is a Peer to Peer Appraisal?

  • The different approaches
  • Group – sharing thoughts on peer to peer assessment – as the ‘assessor’ and the ‘assessed’
  • What are the benefits to individuals and to managers?
Engaging the stakeholders

  • How to engage across all stakeholders – all staff and even patients
  • Understanding the practice culture and the behaviours within it
The Principles of Peer to Peer Appraisals

Practical Session – The Coaching Relationship

  • To understand and be able to develop a skills and competencies based framework system
  • How to manage competencies and create a skills gap analysis
How to do Peer to Peer – How and what to capture, where and who

  • How to interpret views and opinions
  • How to feed this back into the appraisal process
  • How to put the 360 approach into practice
Appraisal Skills 1 – Group Work Session

Defining appraisal skills:

  • What knowledge is required?
  • Communication and Recording
  • Building Rapport
  • Listening
  • Feeding back
Appraisal Skills 2 – Practical Session

Practical Session – mini appraisal session using appraisal templates.

Getting the right feedback – using open questions and powerful questions.

Development Planning

Understanding what the development need is so that you can identify the right actions

  • Review – how to deal with these needs for their current roles and future
  • Setting expectations – SMART
  • Development needs
  • Action planning
The Personal Development Plan (PDP)

The PDP reflects on learning and performance to identify personal developmental priorities – the PDCA Cycle

  • Review – what needs to be included
  • Understanding the PDCA continuous learning
  • Key stakeholders
  • What do we mean by ‘ethics’ and ‘contracting’ and Ethical Issues?
Moving things forward

How to make people ready for peer to peer appraisals

  • What are the blockers
  • Identify actions and other enablers
  • Putting it all into practice – what will you do to make sure this is a success
Summary and Q&A
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