The PMA Introduction to Primary Care web workshop programme covers all the key areas that need to be addressed when working within this sector. We focus on the issues that regularly arise in practice.

The module will be delivered as an interactive virtual session with practical guidance to enable participants to map all the techniques and outcomes onto their own practice. Group work is provided on all aspects of the programme so that participants develop their understanding of the topics by interacting with colleagues from other practices.

Training objectives

To provide information and support for those working in Primary Care to understand the key areas which need to be addressed. These will include:

  • Working at Scale
  • Partnerships & Federations
  • Unlocking and maximising the potential of IT in your Practice
  • Health and Safety
  • The future of primary care
  • Active Signposting, including the ARRS roles
  • Personalised Care

At the PMA we pride ourselves on the understanding that one size doesn’t fit all and – therefore, we have various formats of our workshops and can adapt any programme / agenda to suit your local needs and necessaries – so, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Workshop Programme

Session One

Welcome and Introduction

Mergers, Partnerships & Federations

  • Types of contracts
  • Performer’s List
  • Partnership agreement
  • Premises agreement
  • Revalidation for Clinicians
  • Insurances
  • CQC (Care Quality Commission) registration
The future of primary care

  • What is clinical commissioning?
  • Working at Scale – PCNs, mergers and federations
  • Service provision
  • Stakeholder analysis
Resilience and Wellbeing – Building Resilience

  • What is resilience – how do we achieve it?
  • What are our greatest assets?
  • What motivates people?
  • Managing your resources – people & time
  • Wellbeing – best practice
  • Work-life balance and techniques to achieve it
  • Stress Management and coping strategies 
Session Two

 IT at the centre

  • All partners using IT efficiently
  • E-referral system
  • Use of IT auditing functions for LES, DES, vaccinations and immunisations
  • Quality audits for clinical and prescribing data
  • Use of templates
  • Read coding – SNOMED
  • Standard policy for practice coding
  • Telecoms
  • Labour saving devices
Health and Safety

  • Building maintenance and equipment
  • Supervising contractors on site
  • Recycling all waste and medication
  • DEC – Display Energy Certificate
  • Calibration of medical equipment
  • PAT testing
  • Risk assessments
  • Infection control/cleaning schedule
  • Trained first aiders
  • Disaster recovery plan/business continuity plan
  • Fire safety policy
  • RIDDOR/Accident book
Session Three

 Introduction to Signposting

This session will introduce why Signposting is now a recognised tool to meet demand on GP time and how it can increase access. A discussion will explore the benefits, risks and limits of the approach.

What has changed with Active Signposting?

Sources of help patients will be referred to, including:

  • Roles funded by the ARRS
  • How to make referrals to allied healthcare professionals and other internal and external agencies and clinical team members e.g., physician associates, paramedics, etc.
  • How to deal with a red flag issue
Personalised Care

  • The Comprehensive model of Personalised Care
  • The Personalised Care roles
    • Social Prescriber Link Workers
    • Health And Well-being Coaches
    • Care Co-ordinators
  • The value
  • New ways of working
  • Long term plan
Discussion forum
Actions and key learnings
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