Chairing and recording meeting minutes effectively at boardroom level is an essential skill for today’s Managers and Senior Leaders. Successful meetings provide an essential forum for planning, debate, sharing information, collaboration and decision-making.

This web workshop provides attendees with the vital skills and techniques for creating the right agenda and leading concise, structured and productive meetings with meaningful outcomes and clear actions. Taking board meeting minutes is time-consuming and requires attention to detail, they are a log of key decisions that future board members can reference.

This second part of the session will explore the role of the Chair in leading meetings and ensuring the best outcomes. It will provide guidance on carrying through the role of chair and how to ensure full participation and commitment from everyone present. The session will explore the importance of time management and will consider some of the difficulties that can confront the Chair.

At the PMA we pride ourselves on the understanding that one size doesn’t fit all and – therefore, we have various formats of our workshops and can adapt any programme / agenda to suit your local needs and necessaries – so, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for administrative staff or those wishing to hone their meeting skills within Primary Care.


  • How to set up and plan a meeting
  • Personal preparation as minute taker
  • How to write an agenda
  • How to take notes/minutes
  • How to recognise and record decisions and actions
  • How to write up minutes
  • How to follow up actions
  • Brief introduction to Lean Sigma

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Session one

Welcome, introduction, objectives and why are we here?

The fundamentals of effective meetings

  • Understanding the structure of effective meetings
  • Understanding the responsibilities of the Chair, and the role of others
  • Setting clear objectives and communicating these effectively
  • Gathering information, and planning and developing an effective agenda
Different types of meetings and minutes

  • Verbatim/narrative/resolution
  • Action
During the meeting

  • Tools
  • Seating – and or virtual meetings
  • Who’s who
  • Understanding content/abbreviations
  • Detailed note-taking
After the meeting

  • Accurately recording notes and remarks
  • Layout of minutes
  • Distribution of draft/distribution of final
  • Follow-up of actions
Session Two

Chairing a meeting

  • Opening for impact and commitment
  • Different tactics for different types of meetings
  • Keeping the climate right
  • Creating ground rules for success
  • Managing the flow of a meeting, and leading them more effectively by:
    • Managing time and overtime
    • Keeping a conversation focused
    • Structuring discussions to build group consensus and gain clear decisions
Dealing with challenging people and situations

  • Understanding what challenging situations you might face
  • Being calm, objective and keeping an open mind
  • Dealing with aggression and other difficult, emotional reactions
  • Tackling conflict-driven behaviour by choosing a different perspective
Bringing the meeting to a close

  • How to turn negative situations into positive outcomes
  • Bringing the situation to a conclusion and moving on
  • Summarising and reviewing outcomes
  • Identifying and clarifying the decisions
  • Managing action points/plans following the meeting
  • Holding participants accountable
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