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NHS Pensions Update


NHS Pensions are explained in a user-friendly, interactive way. This web workshop will provide practical guidance to enable participants to map outcomes onto their own practice – across their GPs, GP Partners, Locums and other clinical and non-clinical staff. 

Managing Menopause in the Workplace


By increasing awareness, developing positive cultural engagement, and understanding the hazards of doing nothing, organisations in general practice will be able to reduce their risk, protect their reputation, and support all staff affected by menopause, whether directly or indirectly.

Zero Tolerance for Primary Care front line staff


This face to face workshop has been developed to support front line staff and other health care professionals in General Practice to develop their skills and confidence to better manage disputes, help manage challenging conflict situations and understand zero tolerance.

Capturing Medical Data: Summarising past Medical Records


Managing “degraded data” and extracting data from paper records is a recognised and acceptable inheritance, by the receiving practice, however, it can be problematic and resource-heavy. This training will focus on safely managing ‘degraded’ virtual information and reviewing and extracting significant and minor past medical and social histories from paper records.

Sustainability in Primary Care


The session will help you to understand why sustainability matters, then help you to ‘green’ your practice using case studies from primary care and offering tips and tricks for implementing sustainability improvements.

Managing Practice Finances


This is the foundation workshop to the PMA programme – a series focused on the business management of general practice - where practice finances and accounting systems are explained in a user-friendly, interactive way.

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