With women making up a large percentage of staff across general practice Menopause in the Workplace is a topic that cannot be ignored, and this programme will assist you in gaining an understanding of what menopause is, why it has an impact on organisations and staff and the role of the manager.

With women making up 77% of the NHS workforce and an increasing number of women staying in work beyond the age of 50, many will experience symptoms that affect their wellbeing and working lives.  It has been reported that 25% of working menopausal women have considered leaving their careers due to the impact of symptoms and a lack of understanding and support within the workplace.

By increasing awareness, developing positive cultural engagement, and understanding the hazards of doing nothing, organisations in general practice will be able to reduce their risk, protect their reputation, and support all staff affected by menopause, whether directly or indirectly.

Delegates will explore the changing face of the workplace, key facts, and symptoms of menopause, understand the role of the manager and how best to support colleagues and the organisation to maintain wellbeing and productivity.

The workshop will be delivered as a virtual session with practical guidance to enable participants to introduce the conversation about menopause into their own practice.


  • Duration: tba

  • Location: Online


  • To understand what menopause is and recognise the key symptoms
  • To explore the changing face of the workplace and understand the impact menopause has on the workplace
  • To understand the manager’s roles and responsibilities in ensuring the working environment is menopause friendly and supportive
  • To explore the role of ‘Menopause Champions’ and the benefits they can offer
  • To consider what reasonable adjustments can be made to support individual staff
  • To explore the difference between Equality and Equity
  • To introduce to the Legislation (UK) and Workplace Health and Safety risks related to menopause
  • To consider the benefits of introducing a Menopause Policy and embracing change from the top of the organisation down.
  • To look at how to access further resources and support.

Workshop Agenda

Below is an outline of the proposed agenda with sample timings. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Session One
What is menopause?
Key facts about menopause
Troublesome symptoms
The changing face of the workplace
Managing the impact of menopause at work
Why employees may not reveal their menopause symptoms
The role of the manager – developing positive cultural engagement and influence
It’s good to talk – having open and honest conversations
The benefits of Menopause Champions
Session Two
Non-medical interventions and reasonable adjustments
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion – Equality versus Equity
Introduction to Legislation (UK)
Workplace Health & Safety risks
Successful Tribunal Claims
Benefits of a menopause policy
Signposting for support and resources
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