This 3-hour web workshop will look at operational management, workforce development and how to work collaboratively across practices and primary care networks as a GP Partner.

We will look at how new processes such as Correspondence Management – that were swiftly adopted during COVID – to enable a more streamlined GP workload.

The module will be delivered with practical guidance to enable participants to map the techniques and outcomes onto their own practice.

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This session will give delegates the opportunity to reflect on the changes of the last 12 months and understand how new technologies and consultation types, including telephone triage – as an essential patient engagement technique – will continue to impact on traditional work patterns. It will help focus on and enhance current skills and provide delegates with an understanding of delivering care through Document Management.


Introduction and Welcome
Operational Delivery: overview of the General Practice current daily and weekly processes
Improving Performance

  • How to hold staff accountable
  • Discussing issues at clinical / practice meetings – how best to facilitate /using evidence
  • How to deal with a red flag issue
Correspondence Management

  • How recent technological changes have affected primary care
  • How recent technological changes have affected the way patients interact with practices: E-consult, Klinic etc.
  • Quick overview and what you need to know as a partner:
    • Policies and processes: QoF, ES, Contract targets
    • Risks, obstacles and barriers to Correspondence Management
    • Understand the 4 Principles and the 5 Processes of Document Management
Telephone Triage

  • Definition of Triage
  • The purpose of triage, why do we need it – Right person, in the right place at the right time
  • Maximising the use of clinical IT systems and third party software – for example, Ardens, AccuRX, Klinic, e-Consult etc.
Summary and Q&As
  • Date: Thursday, 14th September 2023

  • Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

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