Working across the Primary Care landscape, the PMA provides continuous support to NHS England, NHS Digital, NHSX, HEE, RCGP and has worked with LMCs, CCGs and GP practices across the UK to create and deliver bespoke support services.

The PMA supports PCNs in establishing their leadership frameworks, their operational structures, business needs and their patient priorities.

PMA PCN Leadership Programmes

The PCNs will allow for the retention of the very best of how general practice and primary care currently operates; retaining and building on the national GMS contract and the partnership models in place, while finding improved ways to deliver care that offer tangible benefits and improvements to patients, clinicians and others in the primary care team. Individual practices joining the PCNs will retain their GMS or PMS contract, with the PCN building on it and understanding that many practices have already been working collaboratively, sometimes as part of informal networks.

The overriding drivers – to bring care closer to community and connect the local primary care teams.

The PCNs will bring new benefits to patients and the public, enabling them to access:

  • Resilient high-quality care from local clinicians and other health & care practitioners, with more services provided out of hospital and closer to home.
  • A more comprehensive and integrated set of services, that anticipate rising demand and support higher levels of self-care.
  • Appropriate referrals and more ‘one-stop shop’ services where all of their needs can be met at the same time.
  • Different care models for different population groups.
  • People-centred services rather than services centred on diseases or ailments.

How the PMA can help

We offer bespoke support and a menu of workshops and other development programmes which can be adapted to meet your specific needs. All sessions are delivered by experienced facilitators, with dedicated subject expertise and general practice insight.

We can conduct a strategic evaluation to help you establish your immediate tactical challenges and where you feel you need the greatest support – and the PMA will create a bespoke programme or work pack to help you achieve you objectives. Feedback from our delivery always reflects the personalisation of our delivery model.

PMA Training Needs Analysis is a new service we offer to help identify the specific development needs within any practice or locality. Each individual will have his or her own areas of focus. This new analysis enables you to find the common ground by capturing individuals’ views using a short survey (1-2 minutes). Group training sessions can then be organised for the benefit of all.

Download a copy of the PMA Consultancy brochure here.

If you would like to know more, please contact the PMA Team at or phone 0330 111 6459 and we will be happy to speak to you in more detail about how the PMA Training Needs Analysis can benefit you.