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PMA Professional Membership Benefits

Join the vibrant PMA Professional Membership community and gain access to market-leading resources, unparalleled insights and, in fact,  everything you need at your fingertips to support you in your role in Health and Social Care.

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Professional recognition with post-nominals for professional status APMA MPMA FPMA
Access to PMA Scheduled workshops (normally £125 per person) 1 2 4 4
Access to mentoring and career advice – open virtual session
Secure Access to the PMA Professional Members Portal
Dedicated online & email access to specialist advice
Access to PMA webinars
Access to PMA e-learning covering mandatory and statutory training
Access to an extensive library of Policies and Templates – updated dynamically

Why it works

Stay up to date and progress, whatever your goals may be.

We’ve helped thousands of healthcare professionals bridge skills gaps and continually update their knowledge in the dynamic and ever-changing world of health and social care management.

PMA Professional Membership provides exclusive member-only access to best practice knowledge, tips, tools, policies, templates, advice, and hands-on e-learning experiences to support you and your professional development.

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quote marksProfessional development and formal courses of study are critical for career progression to compliment your knowledge, skills and experience as well as ensuring you reach your earning potential. PMA programmes support managers and their teams across the full spectrum of health and social care settings. It’s also important to have professional recognition in our roles to acknowledge the level of responsibilities we undertake. All this can be achieved through the PMA Professional Membership programme

Tracy Dell, PMA Fellow

PMA Professional Membership 

PMA Professional Membership – has four levels of membership providing long-overdue recognition of the significant skills and value delivered by all managers and their team members.


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PMA Associate

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PMA Member

£15.95 per month

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PMA Fellow

£18.95 per month

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